1st DAY
The party meets

So you have arrived in the Village of Kealer on Solis, Varn Fry 01, 4000 AGF. It is around 6 to 7 in the evening and the sun has just set. The temperature is about 48 degrees, with moderate high clouds and a light drizzle. You can see small piles of snow still remaining where it was shoveled During the winter. Lass is a Waning Half descending, Gross is a Waning Crescent Rising. There is only one inn in town called the Timbertopper, and you are there. You have been told by the inn keeper, a half elf who calls himself "Jalan Sheluan", that the only space available is in one of the bunk rooms, and it will be a little while before it is ready. He asks that you wait in the bar. You must check your weapons of greater than dagger size at the desk. You have also been told that lodging costs are 4 SP a night in bunk room with breakfast (6 to 8). Lunch is 2 SP (11to 1) and Supper is 3 SP (7 to 10). You also heard the inn keeper saying something about this being the second time a large number of strangers have been through this week. And while it is mighty peculiar it is good for business. Another bit of information you pick up just by listening is that the Market Square will be open on Sus, tomorrow, from 6 to 12 in the morning. The Timbertopper inn is a 2 story wooden building. It has a small stable attached. Inside there is a bar and restaurant, the only ones in the village. In front of the inn is the market square, its stalls empty now. Looking to the left of the market square you can see the dark bulk of Castle Kealer, where the Baronet resides. To the right are 2 temples, though because of the dark it you can't make out which gods they are dedicated to. At the far end of the market square are several shops, there windows dark. You have seen only a few people out and about. By the left over trappings, you guess that most people are probably recovering from the celebration of the new year, and have sought the home fires. The following people are in the bar: Two men at arms, one human and one elf, they are flirting with a pretty half elf bar maid. Whenever the inn keeper comes by they stop and try to look inconspicuous. There is some family resemblance between the inn keeper and the bar maid. There is a tall very comely dark skinned human woman with black hair and eyes wearing a loose ivory tunic, under which can be seen chain mail. She wears a silver trimmed conical sea shell on a chain around her neck. There is a dark gray (almost black) skinned male half elf with long silver gray hair tied in a ponytail, and a beard. He is wearing chain mail. There is a slightly on the short side light skinned human male with brown hair wearing chain mail that looks to have been recently cleaned and oiled. There is a stout male dwarf with red hair and a long beard wearing chain mail. The locals seem quit surprised by the dwarfs presence. There is an elf with deep set eyes and medium long dark brown hair, wearing a kilt and robe over his leather armor. He is fidgeting, running his hands through his hair every few minutes. There is a somewhat short and very nervous looking light skinned elf with red hair and studded leather armor. He looks like he would like to be someplace else. There is a half elf with brown hair wearing a worn and faded mage's robe with a shoulder bag at his left side. He is looking around the room, and when someone looks at him, he gives a half smile and looks away.

Rassek arrives
OK, you have come to the town of Kealer around 11.30 PM on Varn Fry 1. The temperature is about 48 degrees, with moderate high clouds and a light drizzle. You can see small piles of snow still remaining where it was shoveled During the winter. Lass is a Waning Half descending, Gross is a Waning Crescent Rising. There is only one inn in town called the Timbertopper, and you are there. You enter the Timbertopper inn. Things are pretty quiet now. The servents are cleaning up. You are told there is only space in one of the bunk rooms, and the cost is 4 sp a night, this includes breakfast. You are shown to the bunkroom. You are in bunk room 1. You can reclaim your weapons when you are not in the bar, but must turn them in if you go back into the bar. When you enter the bunk room, the first thing you notice is two curtained off changing areas to the right and left. Inside are several shelves with water containers, towels, and soap cakes. By the wall are several chamber pots on each side. There are also hooks on the walls. Moving further in you see several tables and stools scattered about. There are 2 oil lamps hanging from the ceiling. There are several candles and holders on the tables. To your right as you enter there is a small iron stove, with a stack of wood next to it. The stove has a fresh stoked fire in it, providing heat. Its pipe goes up to the ceiling and crosses over to your left exiting the room. At the far end of the room you see several identical sets of bunks and lockers. Each bunk bed has two standing lockers next to it (one for each bed) and two large drawers under the bottom bed. Both lockers and drawers have hasps, but no locks. Each bunk has a heavy curtain that can be drawn closed to keep out most noise and light from the room. The beds are straw tic mattresses with linen sheets and a wool blanket.There are several other people already asleep. You stow your gear and select an empty bunk. You fall into a deep sleep and have a strange dream.

The Dream
You see white light everywhere. You feel and hear nothing. You are not aware of having a body. Slowly the white light recedes and dims. You are laying on a featureless gray plane beneath a nether sky stretching as far as you can see. You become aware of others around you. The dark skinned half elf, the male human, the two elves, the half elf in the faded robes, and the dwarf. You are all dressed in white robes. You find you can't speak or move. You see a small spot in the sky above you. It circles, and grows bigger. As it gets closer you see it is a winged human figure. It lands in your midst. You feel awe of its unearthly beauty. When the creature looks into your eyes, and you are unable to avoid this, you feel as if it can see into all the recesses of your soul or spirit. As it gazes into your eye it speaks each of your names: The dark skinned halfelf named "T'Sarran" The Halfelf in the faded robes "Jethran" The Elf with the deep set eyes "Montral" The Dwarf "Gemseeker" The red haired elf "Kauro" The male human "Elrich" The dark skinned human female "Kordock" The male human with black hair and brown eyes "Rassek" Now it seems satisfied. You find you are unable to take your eyes from this creature. It begins to speak. You hear its voice echoing inside your head. "You have come from many different lands and many different places, for many different reasons, but for the same purpose. To find what you seek, you must work as one. Your time is shorter than you could possibly know. Two of you have the pieces of the puzzle. But they alone will never pass the obstacles. It will take the whole, for each to achieve their desired ends." With that the creature launches itself into the air and flies straight up out of sight. The white light begins to brighten again. Everything fades out, and you wake up and it is the morning of the 2nd. It is 35 degrees(F) outside, the clouds have thinned considerably, and a gentle north wind is blowing. When you awaken the next morning, you notice that all the men in your dream are in the room and seem to all be waking up at the same time. You see no sign of the woman. Everyone seems a bit dazed.