Here you can find a mixture of different fantasy related stuff, which I belived to be useful and worth presenting. Some of the things are in German, others in English. As always am I very intersted in comments.

by Bernhard Schaffer
WinWord (34kb)

Monster pictures
by Martin Hofbauer
(103 kb)

The Guide to Herbs for RPG 5th Ed.
by Shaun Hately
I formated this great netbook in WinWord. (94kb)

The Complete Book of Cantrips
by Thorsten Kampp
WinWord (25kb)
  The Netbook of Cults v2
by Dominique Crouzet
RTF (83kb)
spells of the school of Cerebumiose
by Bernhard Schaffer
WinWord (32kb)
spells of the school of Metermorphosia
by Bernhard Schaffer
WinWord (27kb)

spells of the schools of
Metermorphosia, Cerbumbiose, Battlemagic and goblin-shamans
by Bernhard Schaffer
Access7.0 (156kb)

RPGsystem Bejoscha V 1.8
( for experienced players )
by Bernhard Schaffer
RTF (32kb)
- Blue Troll's Netbooks
- Elfwood


( 24-Apr-2003 )