Seven Cities

"Seven Cities" was my first created region for my
AD&D games. It soon turned out to be too small
and I develloped a bigger world "around" it.


Felsheim is a big city spread out on 9 DIN-A4-sheets.

Other Cities

The following cities arenīt yet "placed" in my world.

Cities drawn by others

All of the following cities have been drawn by some friends.


- NetRPG - quick site which tries to keep all links together.

- Legola's RPG - great map resources
- The Wanderer´s - map-gallery.
- Blaeu's Toonneel der Steden - historical Dutch citymaps.
- London - historical zoomable map
- historical maps - original maps from ancient and medival times
- Map-a-Week archive - maps posted by Wizards of the Coast
- DunDjiinni - Software (comercial) for maps, some samples

( 20-Sep-2004 )