A note on rating: Because the list of sites is steadily growing, I decided to create a rough rating-system.
Note that this only displays MY opinion! The "star" rating is the better the more things you could do/get on that page. It´s only slightly changed by the appearance of the page and does definitly not express how much time was spent to create the page! A perfect page with lots of music/backgrounds etc. would still only get a "one", if it only offers some common links, which could be found everywhere. I myself would give my page a "two star" rating, because there are some quite new things. If you think a page is over- or underestimated (especially if it is your own), email me. Maybe you´ve changed something I haven´t noticed yet.
Every page listed below is worth a short visit. Otherwise I wouldn´t have listed it!

New or newly changed links get a ! - sign. I flagged all links with language-signs: E,D,F

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  D +++++ Elfwood Amateur fantasy art gallery, more pictures than you can think of. And it grows daily! Best resource for this stuff I know of!

+++++ Helden.De collection of german RPG stuff , mainly DSA system
  +++++ Legola's RPG great place for maps and fonts
  +++++ The AD&D archive collection of different AD&D based material
  +++++ The Great Net.Book Archive worldwide mirrored page with netbooks
  +++++ KaranBlade a complete fantasyworld
  +++++ Bibliothek von Ferrathios collection of RPG stuff
  +++++ RPG-Review RPG site with the slogan: Created by players for players


( 26-Jun-2003 )