You need a logo or an icon for
RPG-tools? Why don´t use a picture
of a die? All of the pictures here
are for free use on your homepage.
The only thing I ask you to do, is to
give me credits and/or put a link to my homepage.

I did some animated gifs too. The whole
collection is hosted at
The Wanderer

Oliver Eickenberg created dice meshes for
do-it-yourself dice. Here are the downloads:

Tetraeder, D4 (24,6 KByte)
Cube, D4 Zahlen (13,9 KByte)
Cube, D4 Punkten (20,8 KByte)
Oktaeder, D8 (16,9 KByte)
10'er Die, D10 (21,3 KByte)
10'er Die, D100 (26,3 KByte)
Dodekaeder, D12 (23,8 KByte)
Ikosaeder, D20 (27,1 KByte)

- Platonic Dice - some musik by John Greschak


( 29-Sep-2005)